Call for Applications: Assistant Editors and Co-Editor-in-Chief, ILA Reporter

The ILA Reporter is calling for applications for Assistant Editors and a Co-Editor-in-Chief. These Assistant Editors will work in collaboration with the current Assistant Editors and Editor-in-Chief of the ILA Reporter. Applications are due on 2 August 2021. 

What is the ILA Reporter?

The ILA Reporter is the official blog of the Australian Branch of the International Law Association (ILA). The ILA was founded in Brussels in 1873. It has consultative status, as an international non-governmental organisation, with a number of the United Nations specialised agencies. The ILA Reporter provides analysis, commentary and discussion on issues in public and private international law which have bearing on Australia and the wider region, as well as publicising relevant events and opportunities for education to its audience.

What are the roles?

The role of the Assistant Editors is to support the Editors-in-Chief by commissioning, editing and publishing articles for the Blog. Assistant Editors are engaged on a voluntary basis and are required to source and edit at least one article per month. There are also opportunities for Assistant Editors to have their own articles published on the blog. The ILA Reporter is looking to recruit two Assistant Editors in this round of applications.

The Editors-in-Chief are responsible for reviewing submissions received from the readership and sourced by the Assistant Editors; finalising and publishing all pieces for the ILA Reporter; preparing bimonthly digests of articles, events and opportunities for the readership; managing the workload and activities of the Assistant Editors; and assisting the ILA (AB) with its activities. This open role is in addition to the existing Editor-in-Chief of the ILA Reporter.

These roles are a great opportunity for those looking to gain experience in the field of international law with a well-respected non-government organisation.

Are you a suitable candidate?

Candidates will ideally be in their penultimate or final year of an undergraduate law degree; undertaking an LLM or PhD in an international law-related field; or work in an international law-related field. The ILA Reporter is aware of how competitive international law opportunities can be, so a genuine interest in international law will be highly valued even if the individual has not had the opportunity to attain a great deal of international law-related work experience.

The candidates must be able to explain their knowledge and interest in international law, which may be through studying international law courses during their degree, volunteer or pro bono work with an organisation connected with international law and/or research on international law-related topics. Candidates are invited to explain any areas of international law which are of particular interest or any topics or issues which they would be passionate about sharing with the ILA Reporter’s readership.

Strong written communication and legal research skills are essential.

How do you apply?

Please send a copy of your CV, a short statement of motivation (fewer than 500 words) and an example of a written work of at least 1,000 words to the current Editor-in-Chief of the ILA Reporter, Molly Thomas, at [email protected] by 6:00 PM AEST on 2 August 2021. It is possible to apply for both opportunities simultaneously; simply specify this clearly in your statement of motivation. The written work need not be related to international law: candidates should select the written piece which best showcases their written communication skills.

Please feel free to send any questions about the positions to the above address.