Welcome to the ILAReporter!

The Editors are proud to bring you the official blog of the International Law Association (Australia) (ILA) and the first blog in Australia dedicated to public and private international law.

The ILAReporter is for practitioners, academics and students alike, and provides a resource for tracking international legal issues which have bearing on Australia and our region.

What can you expect from the ILAReporter?

The ILAReporter is a resource which offers analysis, commentary and discussion on issues in public and private international law. In particular, it intends to explore the ongoing development of international law globally with an emphasis on its connections with Australia.

We believe that international law is integral to Australia’s place in the world.

Australia is, after all, something of an international law powerhouse – our citizens have been responsible for developing the R2P doctrine, preparing the International Law Commission’s work on the International Criminal Court and penning UN Security Council Resolution 2166 following the downing of flight MH17.

And yet our actions are not without controversy at home and abroad – we have, for example, been criticised for our controversial asylum and detention policies.

But international law touches on more than our reputation and standing in the global community. It also has bearing on national security, environmental protection, mineral rights, cultural heritage, cross-border transactions, tourism and much more.

It is the ambition of the ILAReporter to chart as much of this exciting constellation as possible. We hope that contributions will be many and varied and that you will always find them insightful and thought-provoking.

There will be a few regular pieces to keep you anchored, including:

  • briefing posts from leading experts on topical international legal issues; and

We hope to be able to offer more regular contributions as time goes on.

Who are our editors and contributors?

The ILAReporter is edited on a rotating basis by the State and Territory Chapters of the Australian Branch of the International Law Association. The Victorian Chapter is currently responsible for editing the blog.

The current Editors are Harry Aitken and Timothy Gorton, who are both lawyers practising in Melbourne.

Our contributors include lawyers, academics and advanced research students who have a practice or interest in international law.

If you would like to make a contribution, please read our Terms and Conditions and send your work to the editors at editor@ilareporter.org.au.